Joth, City of Heroes, city of the Dragon, city of a thousand towers overlooks the Great Inland Sea. Joth is besieged on all sides; Only Thraksyss, one of the Seven Great Dragons, keeps Joth safe. Only by appeasing the dragon and its priesthood can the people of Joth hope to survive.

Thraksyss receives a yearly tribute of wealth and human sacrifices. While the availability of sacrificial victims is never a problem in the overcrowded city, the treasures within have dwindled over the years of the dragon’s rule. The bravest adventurers, members of the Guild of Seekers, go beyond the wall to bring back tribute for Thraksyss and perhaps some fame for themselves, as well as an opportunity to build a better life beyond and above the fetid, shadowy, cramped streets of Joth.

The Seekers of Joth